Friday, November 25, 2011


This post is a tribute to Stephen Jones. He is the most amazing milliner. He is more an artist than a milliner. His hats are art that take you to whole different place. A place where people wear art on their heads and feel proud. His hats seem so magical and have a certain air to them (if that makes sense). I wouldn't know the first thing about making hats but when you look at the hats he magically makes, you know that it has to be hard to make them. He has also had a lot of his work on runways, from Marc Jacobs shows to Cristian Dior shows. Oh well I will stop talking, the hats say enough. Enjoy!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011




Sorry I haven't posted recently. I have been caught up with school work and just haven't found the time to blog. : ( Lately I have really loved kaleidoscope vibe pieces. I really like the idea of different colors and shapes in a pattern that looks too complicated to figure out. I also really love the idea of mirroring an image to make a print because it just looks so pretty. So of course with this whole vibe, my mind went straight to Alexander McQueen. Who wouldn't remember the amazing prints and shapes in his SS10 collection? I hope you can sort of understand how I am linking Alexander McQueen prints to a kaleidoscope. I guess the point I am trying to make is I really love these kinds of pieces and wish there would be more like them. I hope this post was inspiring and not boring but I just am really digging the vibes and I hope you are too.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


From the left: colorful ombre hair, Zana Bayne 3 wing harness, Jeffrey Campbell spike litas, Rodarte for target sequin skeleton dress, Proenza schouler

Mood board!!!! I guess this describes what I am really into at the moment. I like neon colors and cool kaleidoscope vibe pieces, but at the same time I also like Rodarte for target ribcage dresses, spiked litas, winged harnesses, and colorful ombre hair. Oh, might I ever get over the Rodarte for target sequin skeleton dress?